Alpha is the basic building block of any Greenflow Energy Plant configuration. It is a single unit that produces about 1KW electricity.

The ALPHA is ideal for irrigation purposes. It can also provide energy for basic lighting and mobile phone charging at remote communities without access to the local grid. 


The SIGMA configuration is very flexible in both shape and electricity generation capacity. The basic plant consist of 5 ALPHA units generating about 5KW of electricity. The shape of interconnected units can be tailor made in order to fit the place of installation. It is ideal for the irrigation purposes of bigger rural sites and remote villages with a higher energy demand.  


The OMEGA configuration is our industrial scale power plant. It can consist up to 45 ALPHA units generating nearly 50KW electricity. Such plant can meet the energy demand of large agricultural sites, storage facilities, factories, households and more. It is ideal for companies and municipalities looking to decrease their CO2 emissions by using uninterruptible green energy.