About Us

Our Vision

We believe that the future of our planet depends on the way we harness its natural resources. Renewable energy is safer than dirty fossil fuels, better for the climate, and more affordable every day. ​ However the most efficient technologies like hydro dams and nuclear reactors, comes with an extremely high construction cost. The payback time for such investment can take up to several years. 

We Are

Uninterruptible Power Suppliers. 

Current green energy producers can be interrupted by weather conditions or necessary shutdowns and turnarounds. Hence it is hard to calculate the exact ROI of these energy plants, not to mention the environmental effects of such constructions. We realized that the most cost-efficient renewable energy source is running water. We went back to the drawing board to design a revolutionary hydro plant. One that can be installed into most riverbeds without any environmental impact. A hydro plant to utilize the kinetic energy of running water in a cost-efficient way.

Our Technology  

GreenFlow hydro plants can operate 24h/day and 365 days/year after its installation in a river regardless of the season, weather conditions or the part of day. Therefore the operation of our plant is not subject to quotas. We utilize the energy of the straight-line, steady flow of river water. 


Our hydro plant is modular by design. Small-scale plants can be installed for agricultural use, while industrial-scale plants can power a local factory or hundreds of households. The maintenance of our plants lasts only about 120 hours per year. As the plane builds up in seaweed, it is washed with high pressure water jet with a robot. If there are few contaminations on the machine, it is not necessary to interrupt energy production.


The GreenFlow hydro plant price to value ratio is very positive. In our case, the initial investment for manufacturing and installation has a short time return of only 6-7 years. Less than 10 years timeframe is considerably shorter compared to other renewable energy investments. Energy decentralization is a significant expectation when it comes to such investments. In case of GreenFlow plants this expectation is fully met, as our plants can be installed directly where the produced energy is used.

Our Approach: Seamless environmental Integration

Current green energy plants require enormous constructions, with a huge impact on the vista of the local environment. On the other hand, installation of a GreenFlow hydro plant doesn’t require any transformation of environment. Flora and fauna won’t in any way be affected. Our plant is scalable by design. As it consists of interlocking discs, so that elements can be changed and scaled individually. Our solution can be tailor made, for most slow water riverbeds around the globe without any environmental effects.Last but not least, the plant operates with zero CO₂ emission.